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I bought a mug as a gift for my husband and he absolutely loved it. He even sent pics of his new mug to friends-Who does that? It’s just that beautiful. The craftsmanship is off the hook...such a special piece of art that he can’t wait to drink his coffee from every morning. Looking forward to adding to the collection. Thanks HC!

Beautiful work

Purchased a wide bowl. It is the perfect size, a special gift for someone! The glaze is wonderful. I know she will love it.

Quality Product, Fast Shipping

This mug was an amazing addition to my Hammerly Ceramics collection. As an avid tea drinker, I love the size of the mug and the glaze is absolutely stunning. I get excited every time I reach for this mug in the morning. The quality absolutely matches, if not exceeds, the cost of the product.
The shipping is extremely fast. I think my order was shipped out within 2 days of ordering. Probably would have been shipped even faster if I hadn’t I bought it on a Saturday. I am continuously impressed with the service and quality of this establishment. I highly recommend their products.

Beautiful work

I love the work you do and the care you take in packaging so that it arrives safely. I also love that the packaging is environmentally friendly. Can't wait to add more to my collection.

Wide Bowl - Fantastic

This is the third piece I’ve purchased from Hammerly Ceramics and I adore each one. The wide bowl has the same great feel in my hands as my plate and deep bowl do, I can feel the care and attention to detail in design. The glaze is astounding and I think the pictures on the website accurately depicted this piece. It was shipped with great care and speed as usual. I do think I slightly prefer the deep bowl over the the wide because I have small hands and the balance is a little better when I hold the dish one handed while eating. All in all I love it and can’t wait to add more pieces to my collection.

Awesome Mugs

I love these mugs, getting more of them to flex on my office mug group with their boring mugs that just have jokes on them.


Very informative - just what I was hoping for.

Top Notch - Pipes & Mugs

If you've come to the reviews section for validation on spending the pretty penny for a high quality piece of pottery, do it. You will not regret it.

The quality is amazing and I absolutely adore every piece that I own from Curt. I have an 16oz & 10oz mug and 2 pipes. I don't even know why I have 2 pipes, they're just so dang amazing, I've been buying them to give as gifts now because they are unmatched to any glass pipe ever. Like Curt says, they hit like a saxophone, and they really do. As far as mugs, I've been a potter for 8 years now and my mugs are pride and joy. Holding Curt's mugs give me that same joy as holding my own - you feel that craftmanship and care put into each one. They are light but sturdy and perfect for any beverage.

On a side note, Greg needs an award for his packing skills on that wrapping cart you guys have.

Gorgeous, Comfortable, Functional

I am absolutely in love with my Hammerly Ceramics mug!! I purchased an 18 ouncer and it’s perfect for my morning tea. It’s incredibly beautiful while also having all the traits of a “technically” good piece (comfortable handle and lip, not too heavy, amazing shape). I love it!

2021 Wide Bowl

I absolutely love the wide bowl I purchased! It’s amazing for all sorts of foods, from salad to soup to pasta and beyond.
I’m the smallest, tinniest bit disappointed by the glaze on the outside of the bowl (I understand how unpredictable glazes can be). There are some areas where it looks like there was some crawling, which I didn’t see (or didn’t notice) in the photos.

Perfect Bowls!

I absolutely love the wide bowls. I love everything Hammerly puts out. I was in need of new pasta/soup bowls and these have been perfect. I’m slowly building my collection of bowls and cups. I can’t wait for my next purchase.

Fast shipping! Give Greg A Raise! 😂😁

Purchased two mugs during separate restocks. We use them both regularly!! Beautiful work! Fast shipping!

Elephant statue

Beautiful work! Was even more pleased with the item in person than in the picture. It’s awesome and much more heavy duty than expected too. Also appreciated how well packed protected my item was. Totally gonna buy again.

Beautiful Workmanship!

My planter was as pictured! I can't believe I was able to score one. It is just what I wanted from this talented artist. I can't wait to order another piece!

Packaged to perfection

What a gorgeous planter!!! The glaze was amazing in person, love it!! The piece arrived wrapped up and bubbled solidly. It was like unwrapping a mummy! I’m so happy with this purchase and can’t wait to add to the collection. ❤️

Beautiful functional art

Bought a pipe from the most recent sale, it is even more beautiful up close! It is a dark red/purple glaze with tiny spots of variegation that are almost mesmerizing to look at. It has a nice weight to it, fits well in my hands and is pleasing to the touch. It was also very well packaged so there is no need to worry about your piece getting damaged, I live on the east coast so it shipped pretty far and I know how even packages marked fragile can get pretty beat up during shipping. I also received my piece in less than a week which I know won't be everyone's experience but it was a nice bonus! I will definitely be back again!

This mug is Bittersweet

FIRST AND FOREMOST, HAMMERLY CERAMICS IS AN AMAZING ARTIST!! This review is not meant to turn away customers but this is just about my experience recently. The mug I got is bittersweet for me. I have followed hammerly ceramics for a long time and I was really excited to get one of his mugs and support him! His craftsmanship has always been phenomenal. Although I did not get the mug I initially wanted, I did find one that was still stunning, or so I thought. When I received the mug I was a bit disappointed mostly because the glaze was not nearly as vibrant nor close to the colors that was shown in the photos. And I fully %100 understand that photos can be different than the real thing! But it was still pretty disheartening nonetheless. I will say that the craftsmanship and geometric shape of the mug is phenomenal and breathtaking. The way it fits in your hand, the shape of it is eye-catching, and it sits really well! However, I personally have not used this mug that I got and If I could return it I probably would, just cuz it's very Bittersweet for me. I am more interested in one of his most recent pre-order glazes as one of them is the same as the original mug I wanted in the first place and will get that probably. Thanks for reading.


Two products bought so far and I plan on buying more!

Shot glass

Cute and well made, just like the pictures.

Just Wow!

I bought the large planter and a pipe. Absolutely stunning pieces! Packed perfectly, shipped quick. Now i want more!

Wonderful ceramic planter

I ordered a large planter. It's wonderful! I will be returning to purchase a couple mugs. I really enjoy the architectural form of Curt's designs. It's unique among ceramicists. And the packing was superb! No worries about whether it will arrive in good shape or not.

Excellent quality and

The bowl makes eating cereal more fun and lovely. Thank you.


I love this mug so much. It's the perfect fit. Shipping was fast and my mug was well protected.

Lovely mug

I like it. The colors are pretty and it’s well made

Great bowl with a small flaw

I received my bowl, which is a beautiful color and shape. Unfortunately, there is a bare spot inside the bowl, a pinhole. As a potter, I understand pinholes happen. However, having just purchased from his seconds sale, I wasn't expecting a pinhole inside of a bowl used for food that isn't marked as a second. I do know to look at photos closely, but it seemed to be more like a color fleck or variation in the glaze color, not an actual hole to bare clay (which is what it is). I wish it was at least mentioned in the listing even if he didn't feel like discounting. I feel like I ended up with another "seconds" bowl while paying full price. It's disappointing.



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