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Hammerly Ceramics
Nelly Presolska
Black and Green Voronoi 16oz Mug

I wanted to get my hands on the special edition mug for a while and I am so glad it was restocked! Voronoi is my favorite Hammerly texture to look at (brain coral is my favorite texture to touch) and the mug is stunning. I am waiting for the next release and I hope to get my hands on a planter this time :) Needless to say quality, packaging and delivery was on spot, as always.

Bright colors dull in person

I’ve been flowing for a while and have 2 mugs purchased previously but the “Juicy” mug I received today is disappointing. The brilliant, vibrant, shiny orange in the photo is a flat, hazy, peach color in person. I know colors can sometimes be misleading when looking at a computer or phone screen but this seems like something that should be corrected in editing. Some of the glaze is also cracking in the thicker areas. Love my first 2 mugs and I bought this as a gift for a friend who loves bright orange but I think I will have to find her a new gift now.


As soon as the “cookie monster” glaze went for preorder, I knew I needed something. I bought one of the new planters with the fault line look and when it came it blew me away! I have ordered several items from Hammerly Ceramics (including an original elephants) but the techniques and glazes that the team has been playing with now are to die for. I showed my husband the planter and he said “this is amazing, I’m going to take it!”, which is a huge compliment. Keep up the awesome work and experimentation. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next for me to add to the collection!

Hammerly Ceramics
Michelle Drutar
Useable Work of Art

The mugs are beautful works of art that I can admire everyday as I enjoy my coffee. I love being able to start my day with such colorful beauty and joy.The mugs are incredibly sturdy, and amazingly crafted. The mugs were shipped very carefully, and very well packaged.

Thank you!

Can’t tell you how much I love your work! I’ve only gotten mugs thus far (all have been fantastic and have met every expectation). Once I find space I’ll hopefully be able to get some planters.

I greatly appreciate the selection of designs, colors, and products. Again I’ve only gotten mugs but they are in excellent condition when they arrive.

Thanks for your work!

Hammerly Ceramics
Hayden Gray

I have a total of four pieces now from them, beautiful, meticulously packaged, and my favorite dishes in the house :)
Careful when hand washing if ur clumsy like me, had to chase a bowl around the sink it got so slippery.

Hammerly Ceramics
Janie Tutewohl

I’ve been looking for a 22 ounce mug for sometime, this one fits everything I was looking for! It’s gorgeous, and I love it! Looking at the orange ones now!

Hammerly Ceramics
Sarah Nickell

I have purchased several mugs from Hammerly Ceramics and all of them are flawless. Each time I get one I am amazed at the craftsmanship and the beautiful glazes. The mug got to me quickly after I ordered and it was well packaged. Beautiful piece!

Gorgeous pieces of art

I really love the classic mugs and bowls, but the new designs are equally awesome, and the candleholders are out of this world!
Really amazing pieces, my collection is growing fast :)
Also, they have the best customer service!

Hammerly Ceramics
matthew weston
Purchased as a gift

I was amazed at how excellent the mug was that I purchased. I bought it as a gift for my girlfriend, that is a fan of your work. I can’t wait to see her expression when she opens it! Packaged well and shipping was quick.


I purchased a mug as a gift and my partner loves it! Shipping was quick and the mug was packaged securely. The colors on the magenta fire glaze were absolutely beautiful!

Hammerly Ceramics
Jasmine Pai

I have been wanting this mug forever! So glad I finally was able to catch on of the releases!


Flawless order, absolutely beautiful pieces!

Hammerly Ceramics
Susan Kaufman
five star always

Easy ordering! Fast delivery! Fabulous Product!

Hammerly Ceramics
Lee Livett
Another top quality product from the House of Hammerly

Expertly packed, arrived in one piece and a great addition to the oodles of other items I’ve previously bought. It might cost a fortune to ship to Europe but I'm glad for international trade!

Hammerly Ceramics
Michael Thieme

A fabulous piece of art that I get to enjoy every single morning with my coffee! What's the saying..."the Best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive".

The finish, color, size, handle, weight, durability and design are all perfect and that's exactly what I paid for!!!

Hammerly Ceramics
Patti Murtha

I've been eyeing Curt's work for some time now and the smoke pieces floored me. I purchased a piece and picked it up at his studio and haven't really put it down since. I'm drinking from it constantly and for good reason - It's well-crafted, comfortable to hold, and I'm in love with my new piece of functional art.

Hammerly Ceramics
Christian Bulla-Zoderer
Bark texture

It seems that there was a problem sending me the link to the video, but after a short email conversation with Curt it worked. Very detailed video description of this wonderful technique. Clear and open explained and even for me as a non nativ english speaker absolutely understandable. Thank you for sharing.

Hammerly Ceramics
Christopher Cahoon
Beautiful Work

I finally have my hands on a Hammerly piece and it is absolutely gorgeous! Flawless!

Beautiful mug!

The mug was perfect arrived quickly, and is a design and color that I will enjoy for a lifetime!

Hammerly Ceramics
Sarah Johnson

Bought my second mug on pre-order, Voronoi, Dragon's Blood. Came well within the expected time-frame. It was packaged very securely. Can we talk about this texture and color though?! I have always been drawn to this particular texture. From the first time I see it I wanted to hold it and place my fingers in all the little individual divots. I'm OBSESSED. It's so smooth and I am in awe at the color variations. 2nd mug in a few months and I am already eyeballing the next one. LOVelE you dedication to your craft and the care in which you do business. Thank you

Love my new mug!

When I saw this glaze it was the perfect choice for me. Excellent service, beautiful glaze, packaged to arrive in one piece. I love your work and I love drinking coffee out of this mug almost every day.

Ceramics Meet Tech.

Great products tying traditional ceramic casting to modern design technology. I was really excited to get the translucent pots to add to my collection of HC wide bowls, pyramid cups, and a bark textured mug from way back. I can't wait to see what comes next!

Hammerly Ceramics
Sarah Harding
I love my new mug!

I love the glaze and surface! It came quickly and was packaged to prevent breakage. Thank you so much. Super excited to use it!

Hammerly Ceramics
Sara Appleton
Great job!

The mug is AMAZING! It was gorgeous in the photo but it's 1000% more amazing in person !! AND Excellent safe packing! Thank you for the care in packing my order!!!!