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My new fave mug

I received the Dragon Blood cubes 20 oz. mug as a birthday present. It is absolutely gorgeous! It is large enough for a generous amount of morning coffee (important!), spectacular in color and detail, very comfortable handle and lip. It just feels great in my hands. I will enjoy this for years to come, and remember my sister who gifted this to me. I also plan to buy these as special treasures for friends and family. Unique and delightful!

Hammerly Ceramics
Orlando Salvato
Fantastic product

I purchased a mug for my partner. It was shipped promptly, carefully packed, and is absolutely beautiful. We re very pleased and I will be ordering again.

Hammerly Ceramics
April Mitchell

Purchased 'Dragon Blood' Cubes 20oz Mug for my fiance's birthday and he absolutely loves it just as much as I do! He loves dragons and I thought this would be the perfect gift for him and I was right. Beautiful workmanship and coloring. Thank you so much!

Hammerly Ceramics
Monica Danner
Beautiful and mesmerizing!

My husband bought the Dragons Blood Cube mug for me as a birthday gift. I can not express how excited I am to have it! I first saw the ceramics on YouTube and fell in love with the colors of the mug! To have it in hand is just utterly amazing! Every inch of the mug is so mesmerizing, I can't get enough! Thank you for making such a beautiful mug!

Hammerly Ceramics
Megan Hallum

I’ll be totally honest, I was hesitant with purchasing the Dragon’s blood cubes mug because of the price point. But I just couldn’t resist! Im so glad that I ordered this mug. It is hands down my favorite coffee mug ever. I use it daily and still find myself staring at the gorgeous pattern and craftsmanship. The mug is sturdy, holds heat well, and is not too heavy. The handle is comfortable, even with my smaller than average hands. The turnaround time was quick considering this is a made to order piece. The mug was packaged with extreme care inside the shipping box. I’m pretty sure UPS could have thrown the box across a room and the mug wouldn’t have had a scratch. Already looking into ordering more pieces to have a whole set!

Hammerly Ceramics
Michelle Spinka
Beautiful Works of Art

I love these ceramics and highly recommend them to anyone out there who is shopping. The two purchases I have made arrived in beautiful shape and make me happy every time I use them!

Hammerly Ceramics
Kimberlee Benjamin
Great As Always

Second time ordering from Hammerly Ceramics. Absolutely love my new planter and mug. Thank You so, so much!

Awesome Mug!

I bought the 'dragon blood' cubes mug and it's exactly like the pictures and looks and feels awesome.

killer coffee mug, amazing look and feel!

This is by far the coolest looking coffee mug i have seen and purchased. The color combination, the heft, the look and feel are second to none!

Hammerly Ceramics
Jeffrey von Bargen
Wow it is Stunning

The package arrived in wonderful condition and boy was it packed up safely the dragon blood cube 20oz mug is hefty but not too heavy holds the perfect amount of coffee, tea or whatever potion your brewing. It truly looks phenomenal the colors just pop it hold the heat in well but don’t let your brew go too long the mug transfer the heat well to your hands not too hot you can’t handle but it will cool you drink a bit quicker than a smooth mug of the same thickness though I love it and I drink my coffee fast enough and cold coffee is good too.

Ps: my cat loved the box and that brown packaging paper so much he was climbing and rolling in it he looked like a bee hive lol
Don’t hesitate the mugs look phenomenal just Buy one or two!

Hammerly Ceramics
Patricia Volger
OMG - This is the best lamp

I love my lamp so much, it has such a cool vibe about it. Turn it on just about every night. Thanks so much for this unique creation. You are a gem!

Hammerly Ceramics
Laurie Reber
There is Such a Thing As…

Perfection. Curt’s work is outstanding. It is said that nothing in life is perfect but the creations of Hammerly Ceramics are just that. I started by collecting a couple of Dragon’s Blood deep bowls and a gorgeous mug. The glaze has so much movement and I find myself staring at the pieces, finding more and more visual interest each time I use them. I then purchased two lights and they add so much ambience to my home. I am a huge fan and love surrounding myself with Curt’s work. They make me happy!

Hammerly Ceramics
Ed Hassell
Addictive . . .

I started off with a pair of Dragon Blood deep bowls. I've added a trio of mugs, a pair of lidded jars and a planter in various textures and glazes. Curt's creations are great for my psyche. Seriously, his work is fine are of the highest caliber and well worth every penny. And his glazes are out of this world. There will be more.


I bought a mug from the most recent drop and I am absolutely in love - I've been looking for larger mugs for my tea and this is just perfect. The colors and patterns of the glaze are so beautiful, I can't wait to get another one!

Hammerly Ceramics
Lindsey Wachtman
Love Love Love the Dragons Blood Brain Coral

Ordered the dragons blood brain coral mug on preorder and had it in hand almost the next week!! It was packaged incredibly well with no damage.
I absolutely love this mug. It is such a gorgeous glaze color combo and the texture is so fun to touch. The handle is also a very nice size and shape to hold. Highly recommend to any pottery lover!

Perfection in my kitchen cabinet

I have such a massive respect for the process that I follow so closely. Holding this work in my hands was a dream come true. My dragon's blood brain coral mug has the most satisfying surface texture and eye popping glaze. Keeps my coffee warm and I love holding it. Can't wait for the next collection !

Hammerly Ceramics
Sid Haynes
Beautiful job.

Just received 'Dragon's Blood' Brain Coral - 16oz Mug and it's amazing and showed up so quickly. All I can think about is how beautiful it is and so well made. I will definitely be making more purchases of more mugs and I am so happy I found this store on Instagram.

Hammerly Ceramics
Corenna Braun

I order Voronoi Translucent Candle Holder. I was surprised how quickly it showed up. The candel holder is well crafted. It's so beautiful when it lit up. I love the work HC does.

Hammerly Ceramics
William Findley
So wonderful to hold

Just got my two "brain coral" mugs. Besides being more beautiful than the photos showed they are also amazing to hold and drink coffee from. Love the handle shape (easy and comfortable) as well as the design on it. I did't realize how beautiful the inside is with the reverse of the outside design. I may need a few more of these soon!

Hammerly Ceramics
Julie Culverhouse
Great lesson on bark texture

I have been very interested in bark texture and tried a few things but it never worked well. This lesson really showed how to get the texture. I tried it and it worked like a charm. Too bad I cannot show the before and after pics. Quite the difference. Thanks!

Gorgeous mug, stunning colors and design, and great customer service!

My Dragon Blood "twist" mug is beautiful and a great tea mug. The colors in person are even more rich and deep than they look on the website (which is saying something), and the design of the mug is really cool -- while still being functional for a million cups of tea a day :) I'd highly recommend; they are also really responsive over email, which is much appreciated. I'll be looking again this year to see what marvels come out!


Love the glaze and style of my new mug!! Can’t wait to use it every morning.

Hammerly Ceramics
Shawna Knoll
Love love love

I ordered a bowl as a preorder before Christmas. I can not believe how fast the process was and I love the bowl with all my heart!!

Greatly Appreciated

Bought a Dragons Blood mug as a gift for my DIL. Gorgeous color, lovely pattern, original and intriguing. Will be a treasured and admired piece for years to come.

Hammerly Ceramics
Robert Richards
Loved it!

Surprised my wife with a Dragon’s Blood mug for Christmas! Absolutely loves it! It’s beautiful, made it here safely thanks to it being well packaged! Thanks all around!