Buyer's Guide: Being the first to your favorite

Buyer's Guide: Being the first to your favorite

It is not unusual for our one-of-a-kind pieces to be purchased in the first hours, minutes, or sometimes even seconds after releasing our latest collection of work. For those Hammerly Ceramic fans that are hoping to snag a specific, unique piece of our newest work, there are a few tricks and techniques that will help you be the first to your favorite! 

Snagging your selected item means being the first to complete the entire checkout process. Items in your cart but not yet paid for are still available to other customers. Other customers can also purchase your preferred piece while you are inputting shipping and payment information. You can avoid frustration by completing those tasks in advance of the release date.
  • Subscribe to the email list! Our subscribers are always the first to explore the latest collection. This gives them time to casually explore the whole collection before it goes live so they can find their favorites. 
  • Set an alarm! Our monthly One-of-a-Kind Collections become available to purchase at a specific time and date and often times minutes matter when trying to be first to your favorite. The release time will always be shown as Eastern Standard Time (EST). Be aware of the time zone!
  • Sign up for a Hammerly Ceramics account! While having an account and logging in to the website is not necessary to purchase from Hammerly Ceramics (checkout as a guest is an option), being signed in before the release will make the checkout process smoother.
  • Have your payment method ready!

The ultimate trick, though, is having an Express Checkout method ready to go!

Hammerly Ceramics Express Checkout Options. Shop Pay, Google Pay, PayPal

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