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#237 - Pipe

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These geometric pipes were designed to break away from the smooth bulbous designs that glass pipes envelop. With perfect symmetry and hard-line edges, the Hammerly Ceramics Pipe is not only pleasing to hold because of the textures but also due to the opaque nature of porcelain these pipes will not get as dirty looking as glass can sometimes get. Unlike many other ceramic pipes, the Hammerly Ceramic pipe is light and completely hollow.

Every Hammerly Ceramics piece is handmade by Curt in his studio outside Denver, Colorado. Starting from a prototype designed in 3D modeling software each design then has custom molds produced in-house. These unique molds are cast in porcelain, fired, coated in handmade glazes, and high fired again in a custom computer-controlled gas kiln.

Each pipe is made to be used, designed to be as comfortable and pleasing as possible, and finished in high quality, beautiful, colorful glazes. Made from high fired porcelain that is strong and durable. Can be cleaned just like any glass pipe inside and out.



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