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Late July

Past Work

“Beach” mugs - $200

This series of “beach” mugs as they have been coined is an effect that is extremely inconsistent to reproduce. This is a single glaze covering the whole surface and placed in a anomalous corner of the gas kiln. This corner is hotter and more oxidized than the rest of the kiln. I can only at most make 3 per firing and that is only if they work out which is hit or miss. A high risk high reward situation as it were. 123-125 are 18oz, 126 and 127 are 8oz

Elephants $380

Tracy’s Picks - Mugs $120 - Bowls $90

Every batch my beautiful wife Tracy meticulously picks the best of the best mugs. These have affectionately become known as Tracy’s Picks and represent the newest, one of a kind, and top quality in this kiln.
128 - 131 are 18oz and 132 - 136 are 8oz

Bowls - 6”- $55

Planters 3.25” Wide - $55 _ 7”Wide $125

18oz Mugs - $80

11oz Mugs - $75

8oz Mugs - $70

Shot Glasses - 1.8oz - $30